Story so far

Mount Olympus has been destroyed. Its gods annihilated, its people extinct.  A terrible revolt, centuries in the making, has erased the world as it once was.

But now a new world has grown from the ruins. Strange and wondrous life has evolved, along with a new breed of deities and spirits. But there are some creatures that have survived the cataclysm, who now find themselves in bizarre and unfamiliar lands.

Stheno, one of the legendary immortal Gorgons, is one such creature. Once a dreaded monster in the old world, she is now just another oddity.  Searching for her siblings that survived the great upheaval, she wanders these strange lands, encountering the new races and cultures that now populate it.

Desperate to alleviate the boredom of immortal life, Stheno disguises herself as a commoner, and crosses paths with a strange little vagrant on the run from the law.