Serpent Song is a project I began several years ago as a world-building exercise, and the design work eventually became my senior thesis at the Columbus College of Art and Design. The goal was to build a unique fantasy world from scratch, and bring some new diversity to the genre.

Fantasy fiction can be so much more than medieval knights, dwarves, dragons, and elves. In a genre where anything is possible, I wanted Serpent Song to be a playground for the bizarre and unexpected. A place to explore all my favorite themes as a kid. Prehistoric wildlife, alien creatures, mythological beasts, spaghetti westerns, southeast Asian/middle-eastern/and Indian folklore, and all manner of otherworldly landscapes.

Stheno is my attempt to bring a new type of monstrous female character to the world of comics, as well as many other characters that deviate from conventional gender roles. Diversity is what makes comics such a vibrant medium, and I wanted Serpent Song to add new LGBT+ representation to the fantasy genre.

It’s a story about exploration, friendship, spirituality, self-discovery, and most of all, monsters. This series has been a labor of love for many years, and I hope you have as much fun reading it as I have making it :>

-Evan T.

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Note: Serpent Song is best read in big chunks, but the latest additions can be found on the homepage. The site is frequently updated, so be sure to check back often!)

Serpent Song © Evan Thomas 2015