Darumi is human, that much is known. Rumored to be an assassin, but more notably, her powers and means of dispatching enemies are a mystery, even among the criminal underworld. Most say she possesses arcane abilities, yet no one has ever seen her Nexus Stones appear over her head, the universal telltale indicators that one is using arcane power. How then has she managed to fulfill every contract without fail? It remains a mystery, and given her cold clean-cut unforgiving demeanor, no one is eager to ask.

Chuz knows Darumi from past encounters, but he also knows she’s to be avoided.

Darumi uses Skolum, a small-time Umgoy bandit to be her “eyes and ears”. Skolum is paid handsomely to gather information of course, yet he sadly also does her bidding out of fear, knowing what she is capable of more than anyone.