Reptilian creatures of great size and strength that hail from the hotter regions of the empire. Their population is small and their history in the region is largely forgotten, even by themselves.

Tuhaakh are among the largest peoples of the empire, some growing to nine feet tall at the most. They are large, powerful, heavily scaled, and well-suited to hostile environments. They are exclusively carnivores, which is seen as crude or unpleasant to some other imperial races, but because of this many find lucrative work as butchers or hunters. Because of their strength they are highly sought after as bodyguards or soldiers, yet they are also prone to thuggishness and criminal lifestyles.

Their bodies are incredibly resistant to damage and have an enormous tolerance for pain. It is not uncommon for Tuhaakhi veterans to have weapons of war embedded in their scales from previous battles. It is well documented that a Tuhaakh will continue to fight after losing entire limbs, and it is a common folktale that they can continue fighting after being beheaded. While they may be formidable warriors, most Tuhaakh lack the motivation to seize power for themselves and are content to follow others. Their lack of any true sense of racial leadership makes them a very scattered and disorganized people.

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One disconnect between the Tuhaakh and the other imperial races is their separation of gender. There are no external features that distinguish Tuhaakh males from females, and though they easily can identify each other’s sex through scent, other races find it impossible to tell one from another. Males and females perform the same trades and crafts, share the same styles of clothing, and even sound almost identical. The difference in scent between the sexes is so obvious to the Tuhaakh that it amuses them to see certain races struggle to identify them.

Common Tuhaakh phrases:
“His/her jaws are true”: a compliment to a fellow warrior (usually a Tuhaakh)
“Soft-skin”: insult, often towards other less armored races