The Wayang are perhaps Samshara’s most unusual race. They are spirits, ethereal beings from the spirit realm, invited to inhabit specially crafted bodies that move about with arcane manipulation.

The spirits themselves reside only in the small spherical stone, through which the rest of the spiritually attuned “limbs” are controlled. The waytowns are also Wayang, albeit created on a much more massive scale. Summoners will often have to spend months or even years crafting a body that the spirit will find agreeable to dwell in. Some spirits are notoriously vain and picky about what form they will inhabit.

Wayang are often created for a specific task, and the terms of their service must be mutually agreed and sworn upon before the summoning pact can be completed. Most agree to perform basic manual labor in exchange for their new physical bodies, but some are especially created as warriors or bodyguards.

Not living creatures in the conventional sense, Wayang have no bodily needs and are effectively immortal. Only by shattering their focal stone can the spirit be forced to dissipate and return to the astral realm. Some Wayang are many centuries old, having been created as guardians or scribes for long-extinct civilizations.

Wayang’s personalities will vary drastically depending on what type of spirit they are. Stone spirits are placid, calm, and agreeable, making them the most frequent choice for servants or laborers. Likewise, river spirits are often sought out as warriors, known for their steady minds and fluidity in combat. Fire spirits are avoided whenever possible, as their quick temper and appetite for destruction make them notoriously difficult to control.