Chuz is a rather crass and unpleasant Shomu, who chose a life of crime unlike most of his kind. Growing up an orphan in poverty, Chuz developed a deep resentment of the more affluent members of his race, and learned to survive on his own at an early age.

Though not especially quick, clever, or stealthy, Chuz is surprisingly agile for his race. Like most Shomu, he is incredibly tough and resilient. While he may not be an effective thief, his tenacity and unconventional tactics have helped him survive in Samshara.

Chuz is selfish, crude, brash, and often grouchy. He has no qualms about lying or cheating to achieve his goals, though he has a deep disdain for the slave trade, which has made him many enemies in the bandit community.

Though initially annoyed and terrified after meeting Stheno, he sees her powers as an opportunity to get revenge against his enemies. So far, his fear of her abilities is only overshadowed by his ambition to exploit them.