The Khamut are a race descended from insects, similar to termites in many ways. Their young begin life as small helpless grubs and must be cocooned and protected until they mature. Once mature, Khamut live in very close-knit communities called “Khafa” or more commonly among other races, “Towers”. So called because the entire community lives in a gigantic spire they work together to create out of mud, clay, and other earthen materials, combined with the Khamut’s own saliva. Among other races, the Khamut are commonly referred to as “Tower folk”. When speaking to each other in Samsharan, Khamut address their fellows as “Towermaker” or simply “Maker”.

The red gills on the sides of the Khamut’s heads appear as mere slits during adolescence, and grow much larger with age, taking on an almost fungal shelf-like appearance. The gills allow them to breathe in low-oxygen environments, and larger gills are often seen as a sign of wisdom.

Because of their close-knit communities, Khamut place an incredible value on teamwork and cooperation. They are restless by nature and try to busy themselves whenever possible. Most Khamut have a natural inclination to build and craft objects or structures. Building or “Making” as they refer to it, is seen as the noblest way to live one’s life. Even the most stubborn and deviant Khamut often find themselves crafting things when left to their own devices.

It is for this reason that Khamut are highly sought after as craftsmen or construction workers throughout the land. While they demand payment the same as any other worker, other races know they can rely on the Khamut to craft and create with a special enthusiasm and skill that others may lack.

Common Khamut phrases:
“May you live in high towers.”: a blessing, wishing one good fortune
“Happy Making”: a goodbye salutation (usually towards other Khamut)
“He/she does not Make”: an insult, derisive
“Breaker”: an insult, indicating a destructive or counter-productive person